Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Flock of pheasant?

Not sure what the collective noun is for a flock, or how many constitutes the same, but we have a lovely number visiting every day for mixed corn and wheat.

The males and females generally stay in their own groups, with 5 ladies being seen together at one time and this morning, four very attractive boys. Of course, they are rarely close enough to each other to appear in the same photo.

The squirrel are really not sure what to make of them and can be seen hiding in the bird feeder, on the log pile or up an adjacent tree angrily swishing their tales from side to side waiting for these large interlopers to move on.

A very unimpressed Red watching from the tree on the right at the back!


  1. It's a nye of pheasants, and let's hope that the reds don't get too perturbed with your recent influx.

  2. I knew you'd know! kiss kiss thanks. Don't worry about the Reds, they're holding their own.

  3. A 'nye' of pheasants - live & learn, eh?

    Lovely pics (as ever) - hasn't Miss Pheasant got pretty feathers in the last pic?

    And how grumpy is that red!! {g}

  4. I thought my chickens were making an odd noise this morning till I realised it was a male pheasant in next door's garden! We've had 4 in ours at a time in previous years but not since the chickens arrived.

  5. Those are beautiful pheasants! Aren't you tempted to 'liberate' some?


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