Monday, 21 December 2009

Christmas present for birdies

I often see wrens in the garden even though they are meant to be secretive and hard to spot. Whilst working on the front bed planting daffodil bulbs I was regularly chattered at for being in their way.

I thought they might appreciate a tenner's worth of roosting pouches and have secured them in the escallonia hedge next to the road and in some holly at the back of the house. They look so cute - may have to get more!

Solstice Blessings.


  1. I have some of those pouches too - they're such a good idea aren't they?

    I thought of you this morning when the BBC were reporting from Cockermouth. I see they were very much saying that Cumbria is still open for business, just like you did earlier :)

  2. Thanks VP, didn't know the BBC were back (don't tend to have the TV on daytimes) but glad we have not completely fallen off the media radar. Friends are reporting that everywhere in the National Park is very quiet - roads, shops, guesthouses. Not good for business when such a large part of Cumbria's economy depends upon our visitors.

  3. There was a good piece on the Today programme on R4 earlier - although they said about many cancelled holiday bookings, they stressed that the flooding only affected a small portion of the lake district, and - as VP says - Cumbria is 'open for business'

  4. All those poor people stuck at Eurostar or airports - perhaps they should have decided to take a holiday in England?

    Thanks to VP I saw the BBC coverage earlier.

  5. Love those bird boxes, they really don't look out of place and very natural. I'm sure you will have visitors.


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