Monday, 21 December 2009

Changing View

10.45: Taken through hailstones but the cloud is trying to lift and there are a couple of blue patches out to the west.

11.15: Much more blue sky, quite a lot of sunshine at Bag End.

Under that cap of cloud, I suspect conditions at the top of Skiddaw are fairly artic

2.00: Sunlight catching the edge of Fellbarrow. Whiteside and Grasmoor are hidden in the clouds behind.

3.00: I don't think I have ever seen so much snow on the lower slopes of Skiddaw, and once again, Bag End is under clear blue sky. The fields are starting to take on a golden glow, another 45 minutes and the sun will set.

3.20: Zooming in on Whiteside, living up to its name today.

3.50: the sun has just dipped below the horizon and it looks absolutely FREEZING up there!

The changing view of Winter Solstice at Bag End


  1. Beautiful pics - thank you for sharing the wonderful view.

  2. Thanks Hazel, I have done something other than play with the camera and computer today - but not sure what it was!


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