Friday, 13 November 2009

Why does no-one believe me?

when I say I am going to kick back a little and relax?

Last month I had a wonderful day out at a Keswick Embroiderers Guild workshop with Philippa Turnbull. In the dim distant past before my fabric addiction took over and I discovered quilting, I was an embroiderer (that sounds so grand, in truth I dabbled unsuccessfully with needle and thread). I have always loved the Jacobean style of crewelwork designs and admired Philippa's work, what I didn't know was that she lives in Appleby - I drove past her house every time I took Ollie for acupuncture.

As is always the case with a workshop project, I wasn't particularly satisfied with some of the samples I did and have unpicked most of the day's work and mounted the linen in a larger frame. To celebrate our second anniversary and the fact that our sitting room is now (nearly) tidy enough to relax in, I went from this
to this
(there is not a stain on the bottom of the fabric, it's a shadow)
Still a lot of stitching to do before it is finished but I'm pleased and had an extremely chilled out Saturday in front of the WBS and that is all that matters.


  1. Well done you, both for the relaxing and for the crewel work. It looks great. Did you buy a kit or what?

  2. Thanks QuiltSue, the kit was supplied as part of the workshop.

  3. Those are just lovely. I can just see the peace falling over you as you work on these pretty things.

  4. I believe you, and I think you have done more stitches on your kit than I have on mine.....and they look lovely too. Are we now in a race?

  5. Looking good Bilbo, I too like Jacobean Crewel work, but haven't really done that much embroidery in the past. It's another thing that needs a fair amount of practice to be good at.

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments.

    Lyn - I am definitely NOT racing you, unless you insist, in which case, I hereby declare you the winner (I know how slowly I work!)

  7. I say, that's pretty! I look forward to seeing more of it too, when you have another 'chill out' afternoon.

  8. Thanks Hazel, I'm looking forward to seeing more of it too, not sure when the next quiet afternoon will be . . . sigh!


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