Saturday, 28 November 2009

Still open and still BEAUTIFUL

Cumbria is most definitely open, and still absolutely beautiful. Yesterday I heard that snow had fallen on Bowfell and as I listened to the rain last night I suspected that we might wake to sights like this:
(taken later in the day)

More than a dusting on Skiddaw, Grisedale Pike and Grasmoor, and in the distance Pillar has put on its winter mantle.

This picture has a foreshortening which makes it look like Cockermouth nestles underneath Ullock Pike, it doesn't!

Skiddaw later in the day. Views like this are a wonderful antidote to claustrophobia

You don't need to be a hardened fell-walker to come to Cumbria and see sights like this, often you don't even need to leave your car to enjoy this vision. The shops are open, the majority of roads are clear and only a very small percentage of visitor accommodation has been affected by the recent floods. Perfect place for a holiday - less carbon footprint than a trip abroad and no language difficulties (although I will accept that occasionally I am still stumped by some elements of West-Cumbrian dialect but the locals are friendly and will translate for you quite happily!)

Our bridge has received its daily visit from men in hi-vis coats with a theodolite. We know it will be a while before it is open again, as one of the main bridges just outside Cockermouth it took the force of millions of gallons of water and until divers have been in to check for scouring around the foundation pillars, our route anywhere includes a couple of diversions.

Water levels have dropped considerably and in the main, the Derwent is back in its normal channel.


  1. That bridge is so gorgeous. Bless you for jumping right in and being such a supporter of your community. I hope the recovery doesn't take too long.

  2. There is a super dusting of snow on Skiddaw this morning. I was up early (Bella yowling at 6.15) and when I drew back the bedroom curtains, Skiddaw took your breath away. I hope the visitors come back to Cockermouth soon, some are here this weekend, the lucky devils....

  3. Lovely photos Jayne (even the 'naff' one is gorgeous). It's great that you have been able to help, I feel proud to know you!


  4. Seasonal piccies are getting Lessy in a festive mood! Sleighbells ring, are you listening ... ;) Hope all's going well with the soup kitchen and the locals are getting enough grub and warmth.

  5. If the weather is looking good then John and I will be up on Monday 7th and going back Wednesday 8th. Stopping in Keswick as the B&B we planned on using is Ok.

  6. Wonderful pics, as ever - fabulous framing of the church spire against Ullock Pike!

    A quick turn around the courtyard garden to sweep leaves in the freezing drizzle this morning was quite enough for me before retiring to the warm kitchen for a baking session...

  7. Thats a lovely sight Jayne, and some heartfelt words too. I hope lots of people do make a trip to the best part of Britain (IMHO!). I hope your bridge like Ann and Rogers local at Scale Hill gets the all clear as it is a fine old structure but they'll need time to check for subsidence and get the divers in. Keep up the great work you are doing too..! Best wishes, Andrew

  8. Thank you all for being such lovely friends and for your supportive words. I have no doubt that any of you would be doing exactly the same thing if you lived here.

  9. Beautiful pictures, and beautiful words too.

  10. That snow is just gorgeous to look at. I'm less pleased to walk through it than I was as a child though.

    Cumbria will come through, thanks to all those of you who live there and love it.


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