Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Rescue or Reconnaissance?

Shortly after sunrise one day last week I noticed a large stationery light near Whinlatter. Binoculars showed it to be a Sea King helicopter holding steady over Ling Fell.

Thought no more of it other than to hope they weren't looking for someone missing all night - it had been wet and windy.

Came out of the shower minutes later to an unholy din outside - fastest transition from towel > dressing gown > camera on balcony in living memory!

The chopper held over the field in front of our house for 3 or 4 minutes, then swung away towards Cockermouth. It remained over Setmurthy and Watch Hill for a short while and then disappeared towards Back O'Skiddaw. The full-sized pictures show the back door open and a winchman peering out in all of them. Wonder who the pilot was?


  1. Wow Jayne, those are magnificent shots, it's not often you get the chance to be right next door to one of those. Actually, I hope I never am in that situation, still well done, it was worth the dash from the bathroom. How's the embroidery coming along by the way?

  2. QuiltSue, much of the low flying training we witness in the Lakes comes from RAF Valley. Helicopters could also come from Lossimouth. Whoever was flying, these guys do an amazing job, and Search & Rescue is an excellent role for HRH.

    Lyn, never been that close to an active Sea King before - didn't realise HOW NOISY they are. The crewel work? Hem, cough, err, have unpicked half of the workshop sewing, remounted it and got no further - but I will, and I will also contact you or Pat about the next meeting.


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