Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Perfect Day?

Yesterday was near darn perfect - and that's good enough for me. For a start, it wasn't raining.

Roof insulation chaps arrived at 8.15. By 10.30 the loft had 300mm of new, clean, fluffy insulation in place, let's just hope it has an effect on the heating bills.

SewAli and the lovely Lumberjack are in the Lake District for a short break and they came over to check out our wood burning stove. They also helped unearth Harry from the thickest growth of Escallonia and get him safely into a box for a short trip to his new home.

This was followed by a visit to The Spice Club, a restaurant of such deliciousness that having a meal there was one of the reasons Sewali drove half way up the country. As many of you know, Management Does Not Do spicy food and we had visions of an evening with chips or rice for him, but, the staff were brilliant and patient in discussing a dish that he might like and for the first time in his life, he was able to enjoy an "indian meal" with the rest of us. It has to be said, this was an "indian" unlike anything I have ever eaten before - style, taste, presentation, utterly delicious. Lumberjack and SewAli were on great form and we talked and laughed our heads off all evening and I have to thank them for one of the best evenings out we have had since we moved to Cumbria.


  1. Wow! That loft looks one heck of a lot cleaner and tidier than it did when I last looked. Give Management a good pat on the back for a job well done (and yourself too for your endless wielding of vacuum cleaner).

    The Spice Club sounds yummy - out of interest what did they manage to conjure up for Mgt?

  2. Sounds like you had a great evening with Sewali and the Lumberjack. Hey, that sounds like it could be a song title. Think I'll suggest it to her when I speak to her next.

  3. James, something with cream, mango and coconut (and chicken).

    If you're coming up here for your birthday we'll treat you to supper there to say "thanks" for all your own hard work (check the menu on the website - there must be something you'd enjoy {grin})

  4. Management had Akburi Murgh ... I didn't remember that, I printed the menu out before we headed north, so it's still on my desk :o). The Rogan Josh was to die for and Bilbo raved about the Tandoori Mixed Grill. We had a super evening, thanks for your hospitality Bilbo & Mgmt. It's good to see the pictures of the insulation down, and hope to hear good news of Harry in the not too dim & distant. At least he wasn't out in last night's weather, even I didn't sleep through it this time, though that may have been more to do with having eaten a bit too much at the Spice Club LOL!!

  5. Sounds like a great place for a meal. I might keep in mind if we get up your way in December.


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