Saturday, 7 November 2009

Happy Anniversary

Two Years . . . 7th November 2007 when the Pickfords vans rolled away from Hampshire with all our worldly goods carefully packed inside.

At that time we had absolutely no idea where we would end up and certainly never imagined we would find ourselves with a heavenly view and red squirrel in the garden. Sure, we'd ruled out some areas for definite and had an inkling that north west Cumbria might suit us just fine but it was very strange to be heading up the M6 not even knowing where I would be sleeping that night (Management had arranged our rented house bless him, Ollie and I had not seen it).

Today is a good point to put a marker in the ground. Management is away today at a modelling exhibition and I can make no more progress on the loft (electrics) or the sitting room without him. Yesterday I finished painting the outside wall in the sitting room and very smart it looks too, no photos until the curtains are up and all the furniture has been moved moved to its new place. John's quote for removing the large tree stumps at the front arrived and is about what we expected but the work will not happen until next year. It's time to take a rest (by my standards!) and wind down for the remainder of 2009.


  1. Yeah right, I can just see you winding down!

  2. Oh behave yourself {giggle}. I find it worrying that you and Angela leave exactly the same comments on my blogs without (I think) collusion.

  3. I'm sure I have said before, a rest is as good as a change! You've seen many of those in the last 2 years, good and bad. I think it's good to have points at which to take stock. We were doing that in early September when we'd been here for 10 years. The place is unrecognisable from those photos we took back then.

  4. happy anniversary Bilbo and the Management :o)
    Who's your red headed feathered friend - he's so striking. Who needs telly with the views you get!

  5. Thank you Flummery, as always - perfect words.

    Nic, it is a juvenile male Greater Spotter Woodpecker. Juvenile 'cos the red plumage is not completely developed, and definitely a bloke cos he has the red bit on his tummy as well as his head, the girls only have the colouring on their skulls.

    The severe looking one - that is a Sparrowhawk, the reason why we have very few little songbirds at the feeders at present. I know this upsets some, but is is the natural food chain - even predators have to eat. This one is the male, the female is much bigger and goes for blackbird/dove/pigeon sized meals.

  6. Now you know that I don't 'do' flowers very much, Bilbo, & you haven't told us what that one is? (Although maybe I get a point for knowing the woodpecker before you said!)

    Evocative pic of the bonfire - I can almost hear it crackling!

  7. Hazel - Dactylorhiza fuchsii, which is Common Spotted Orchid to the rest of us.

  8. Kollushun?? Dunno bout Angela, but I can't even spell it (giggle)


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