Sunday, 15 November 2009

Food Security

Flummery - latest thought is that Mrs H is a Rhode Island Red, they are the only breed I can find with similar tail feathers. She is still here, pottering around in the driveway shrubbery, eating her fool head off!

Perhaps I should make more effort with Mrs Hen, one day she might give us an egg or two . . .
I have been reading Matron's blog for a very long time. It's inspiring and she has a beautiful Gardening Supervisor, hi Buddy! You might like to read this, it's very thought provoking.

Talking to a chicken-keeping neighbour yesterday, it appears that two birds meeting Mrs H's description have been seen in a field across the road from us for the last two weeks and that it is not uncommon for people around here to dump birds who have got old and stopped laying, or perhaps they were acquired this summer thanks to the GYO/keep hens craze and now that the novelty has worn off, they are no longer wanted?

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