Sunday, 22 November 2009

The floods as seen by some friends

Transport difficulties mean I can only share a minuscule part of these devastating floods.

Here are two links to Ann & Roger's website. The first, November Gales, covers flooding near their home, I haven't seen this although I know all the places in their photos.

This page is a summary of much of our recent weather so you can see how saturated the land has become.

and finally, if you are not completely sick of looking at water, here are pictures from further south, but still in the Lake District.
This is Sean McMahon's wonderful Striding Edge site, of "Angus and Casper" fame, and now home to Casper and Dougal. If the phrase "it's a dog's life" did not already exist, we would have to make it up just for these two lovely Beardies.

This page is from 20th November and this one from 21st November.

and I think that is quite enough for one evening. It is blowing an absolute hooley again.

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  1. Dear Jayne, I have been thinking about you and reading your blog and looking at all the photos and watching the news in stunned disbelief, almost totally lost for words. It's heartbreaking to see all the damage, even more so somehow because it's 'my' beloved Cumbria. I know it's dreadful when it happens anywhere but I know and love these places with all my heart. Jill


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