Thursday, 19 November 2009

Flooding #3 - afternoon update

Just seen the TV pictures of Cockermouth - Main Street is under about 18" of water which will cause horrendous damage and dreadful losses to the businesses here.

We're absolutely fine at Bag End. The second garage has a lot of water in it -we're coming to the conclusion there might be a spring underneath because when we get heavy rain water comes up through the middle of the floor. As this now happens regularly, nothing is kept on the floor - everything stands on blocks or in plastic bins. There's some water coming down the chimney and settling on the slate hearth behind the WBS - an old towel is catching that. Given the weather conditions outside, we're lucky that is all we have to deal with.

The WBS is on and yes James, it is drawing extremely well right now and throwing out a huge amount of heat!

Have recently spoken to Ann - Loweswater is cut off but she still has power. I will let them tell you about their own bird rescue but it definitely trumps an aged cockerel!

The Derwent is flooded more right now than at its worst point last October

Can't send any email at present and need to find a missing disc . . .


  1. Oh, my dear - I've been watching the reports of flooding in Cockermouth on the news!

    I'm so glad that you're up on higher ground - although my thoughts are with those on Main St and thoughout the area who are flooded out tonight.

  2. Thanks Hazel, I've been in tears watching Sky News and looking at shops I was in two days ago, where the emergency services seem to be based in Station Street - walked up that on Tuesday, the shop-keepers are people we know. Will post updates on the blog when I have anything to share.

  3. I saw it on the news last night too. I was glad to think that you'd be OK cos you're on high ground, but I feel so sorry for the shopkeepers etc in the area.


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