Thursday, 19 November 2009

Flooding #2

It's getting worse . . . river levels are continuing to rise and the rain & wind are increasing.

I have been outside for half an hour moving slightly damp logs from the log store into the garage, and completely dry logs from the garage into the Mud Room. It is not cold but I was nearly blown off my feet a couple of times. So glad that "Harry" went to a new home a couple of nights ago because I wouldn't have liked to bet on his chances out in this.

I've just checked up on the Loweswater Puffins and Ann reckons the Cocker will have burst its banks by the end of the day. Roger has made it to Keswick today and reports that the A66 is close to being flooded.


  1. Looks like we timed our visit about right! Time for sitting in front of the WBS with your sewing.

  2. I'll bet there's a fantastic draught through the wood burning stove! Make yourself a frappo-latte-cino-thingumy, grab some nice cheese, bread and olives and relax watching the flames.

    Is the insulation noticeable yet, although I don't think it's really been cold?

  3. Stay in! Batten (?sp) the hatches!

    We have high winds but glimpses of blue as the clouds whack by - I have the washing out (just hope the pegs are strong enough to hold it on the line), it will be bone dry by dusk!

  4. Keswick is badly flooded too, I took a photo of the Friends Meeting House where our workshop should have been held today, and I hope the flood defenses are working because the water was knee deep. Some of my friends on Crosthwaite Road are flooded and I think some other friends opposite on High Hill must be flooded because the river was pouring over the top of the retaining wall.


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