Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Yes we have had dreadful floods,
yes it will take a while before all the businesses in Cockermouth are up and running again

BUT, if anyone was thinking of cancelling a visit to the Lake District either in the near future or perhaps next year can I say PLEASE COME TO CUMBRIA; we are still here, we want to see our visitors and we depend upon you so very much.

It took the local economy years to recover from the Foot & Mouth debacle after the media whipped everyone into a frenzy and told them to stay away - many of us are now worried the same thing could happen again.

I drove along the A66 earlier this week and witnessed the beauty of shafts of sunlight illuminating the slopes beneath Skiddaw, the light rippling across Bass Lake, the stunning views down Newlands Valley. All the natural wonders which make this such a fabulous location are still here and the north west of the region is not devastated as some news reporters might make you think.

True, it will be a while before all the wonderful independent shops in Cockermouth are open again, but there are still hotels, B&B's and holiday cottages where you would have the warmest of welcomes.

Sorry for such a shameless plug for my adopted hometown, but there really is a worry that the media will have people believe they need to stay away for months and that is so not the case.


  1. Good point Bilbo, I'm sure we'll be up there again before too long :o).

  2. Well said, why not send the same comments to the "meeja" too?

    Beautiful photos too.


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