Monday, 2 November 2009


There's no getting away from it, I've had a bad case of collie-wobbles the last week or so.

That could be (c)OLLIE-wobbles or could be BEARDED COLLIE-wobbles, take your pick, but truly grief does not run in a straight line. Nasty little b*gger doubles back on itself when you don't expect it to. Hey ho, this too shall pass.

I kept saying that when I was in the loft - this too shall pass and only has to be done once, thank Dog . . .

I never took pictures of the worst, most horrible, mouse-infested areas. Probably because I was too busy trying to deal with them to think of the camera. This is relatively clean compared to much of what was lurking under the old Rockwool.

We are blessed with wonderful friends, one of whom knows a thing or two about electrickery, and gave an entire day of his recent holiday to clamber around in the loft with Management and helped greatly in advancing our understanding of which wire was connected to what circuit (although none of us can answer the question "but why?" in many cases . . .). Thank you James.

(below)This is fairly typical of what we're dealing with. The white box is a transformer for a bell which has long since stopped working (and has since been removed along with 20 m or so of wire). The mass of cable which ends in the black connector box (bottom of picture) probably, once upon a time, supplied power to an electric shower which was removed long before we came here. Our visiting expert and Management agree it is suitable for re-use (via another consumer unit) for providing power to the shed and greenhouse.

These tubs are only a few of those which contained surplus and obsolete wire. When Management told a friend we were probably removing 150 -200 METRES of redundant cable I thought he was exaggerating. He was not, in fact, his estimate was relatively conservative.

There were times when I wondered if an 8 yard skip would be enough

Most of the timber has been salvaged and will end up as kindling, and another layer of rubbish was added to the skip after this was taken

Oh happy day!

Still a bit of a mess, but a much tidier mess!


  1. Good grief! Now wonder you've been quiet!

  2. Sorry to hear that grief kicked in again, but at least you have a positive attitude towards it.

    I hope the challenge of the loft is nearing an end and you will soon be able to return to more normal hobbit like activities.

  3. It's a wonderful feeling when a job like this is finished, just keep repeating that little mantra and you'll get there :o). Seriously though, it looks like it's been pretty horrendous, at least now you look like you're on the home straight. I'm sorry you've been feeling down about Ollie, it's to be expected as you say, and hopefully you'll get back onto an even keel before too long. {{{Special hugs}}}

  4. I have some very lovely friends, thank you girls for your caring comments.

    SewAli - I am relieved to report that MY part of the loft work is complete. All vacuuming now done and rubbish removed. Management and James still have an awful lot of cables to deal with . . .

  5. Yuk - bet you're glad that's out of the way! Can you do a bit in the garden to help blow away your blues?


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