Saturday, 21 November 2009

Bridge Closed

After the bridge collapse in Workington causing the tragic death of PC Barker, Cumbria Highways are taking no chances.

Since moving to Bag End I have often thought this bridge was a potential weakness - it takes a huge amount of traffic each day and is barely wide enough for two vehicles to pass. Minor chaos of much reversing often occurs when a large lorry needs to get through.

Engineers report this morning that there are cracks in the bridge - of course, it is possible these were here before the flood but no-one is taking the risk. However, there's always one idiot who thinks "Road Closed" signs don't apply to them.

The water level has dropped overnight, I'd guess about 4 feet looking at both the high flotsam line and the level under the bridge arches.
9.00am Saturday

10.00 Friday

The path normally passes under the twin trunked tree.

This is not just a bit of water - this is people's lives.

Just about to hit "publish" and glanced out of the window. This was floating down the middle of the river.

yes - it is a full size fridge or freezer . . . if anyone thinks the worst is over, I don't think we've even seen the start of the extent of the damage and it has just started raining again.


  1. It really does make you wonder how long it will take for things to even start to approach normal again.

  2. There are people in Hull who have only recently got back into their houses after the floods of 2 years ago. It's a massive disruption to people's lives and there's the added problem that they are going to find affordable insurance impossible after this has happened.

    Nature makes all our technology seem paltry doesn't it?

  3. Crikey Jayne, its bad enough seeing the muck below you, but the pictures of Cockermouth are seriously bad. It will be a long haul back for some of these wishes. Andrew

  4. I've just checked in to see how things are with you... the photos you posted over the last few days say it all ... horrendous! I'm glad to hear you and yours are ok though and desperately sorry for all the others caught in the wake of this. I just hope all this mess gets sorted as quickly as possible. I briefly caught the news tonight and heard someone talk about a relief appeal ... its going to take a lot of money to put this to bed! I didn't catch the web address the lady gave and I cant find it on the net ... do you know where we can send donations?

  5. The photo with the book really brings this home to me - as you said, it's not just water but people's lives.


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