Friday, 13 November 2009

Bag End Hen

Add chicken wrangling to the list of "new skills learnt in the last two years"?

Mrs Hen arrived in the hedge opposite our house at the beginning of the week. She does not want to be caught but has a weak spot for the mixed corn/wheat that I put out for the pheasant so I've been able to entice her into the garden where she's less likely to get run over by a passing lorry.

Enquiries around the village have drawn a blank, no-one appears to have lost her or wants to claim her. Tomorrow a neighbour is lending us a spare rabbit hutch so she will have somewhere dry to shelter if she wants, I'm fairly certain she roosted in a dense bit of escallonia last night.

We weren't planning on getting hens at Bag End until next year . . . I suspect she will disappear of her own accord as quietly as she arrived but in the meantime I can see why Flummery spends so much time watching the Rock Chicks

Edit: 11.00am. Have just added another photo - Flummery, any idea what breed she is please? She's BIG, not very noisy, feathers on legs (click pic to enlarge). Am trying not to spend too much time watching her and therefore becoming attached . . .


  1. So come on, have you named her yet?

  2. Oh how wonderful - Mrs Hen has come to stay! Is this a decision made for you, do you think...? {gg}. Are you going on a treasure hunt for eggs?

  3. James - NO! That way lies madness (and an implication of ownership). She's not mine, she is quite likely to leave and I am not getting attached to her.

    Hazel - actually, I lied to James, she is being referred to as Mrs Henny, that's as close as I am getting. Yes, I suspect this is the Universe's way of deciding I should not wait any longer - and of course I will go looking for an egg, how could I not? Now, all I have to do is get to Castle Donnington and collect my delux, brand-new hen house which has been sitting in sister-in-laws garage all year.

  4. If Bilbo won't come to the mountain (of eggs) the mountain has decided to come to her!
    Fascinating, aren't they?

  5. Flum - have just added another photo, wonder if you know what breed she is?

  6. Oh! Oh! We think that she's a Barnvelder hen! There's a pic on the Poultry Club web site(

    Can you tell that it is a Friday afternoon!

  7. Barnvelder - how very posh, why couldn't she just be a basic Brown hybrid {giggle}.

    Actually, I think she is related to Houdini and suspect she will be gone by tomorrow - currently lurking under a rhododendron on the edge of the drive, I think she's going to make another break for freedom.

  8. She's got quite a cockerelly-looking set of tail feathers though - no crowing I assume?

    Barnvelders are posh hens, not like our hybrids.

  9. you know that we don't choose our fluffy/feathered friends, they choose us. Are you sure she hasn't got any other friends hiding in the hedge {wink}

  10. Hazel, sorry hon, been looking online, she is definitely not a Barnvelder.

    Flum, I am fairly certain she is a she, and not a he, no crowing.

    Nic, I wish there was another, hens are not meant to be solo. If she stays you do realise this means we'll have to find some more birds to keep her company?

    She is currently roosting about 18" off the ground in the rhodie, I checked with a torch not long ago when I went to the dustbin, hope she's OK.

  11. "If she stays you do realise this means we'll have to find some more birds to keep her company?"

    Don't tell me that you have only just cottoned on to this? I'm absolutely sure that the rest of us have mentally positioned and assembled the run and chosen a suitable breed to keep Mrs Henny company. Some of us might even have mentally decided how to cook the first egg... {gg}

  12. Don't tell me that you have only just cottoned on to this?

    I've been trying to ignore this fact for the last two days{gg}. This afternoon husband has been trying to persuade his nephew to have a paid-for weekend in the Lake District (and bring the hen house with him!) Damn thing is just a tad too big for DHL or any of the regular couriers to accept it, Lord knows how SIL got it in the first place!

  13. My first thought was Black Rock. But I don't study breeds really.

  14. Thanks Flummery, I thought Black Rock too but they seem to have stubby tails and this lass has long arching tail feathers.

  15. I've subsequently thought Rhode Island Red. If it's a cockerel then it is a very quiet one, barely a sound out of her although a chopped up apple this afternoon garnered a very appreciative cluck. HOPEFULLY she will be going to a permanent home in the next couple of days, fingers crossed.


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