Monday, 12 October 2009

Not Waving But Drowning

This is not a good look for a self-confessed obsessive compulsive neat freak:

nor is this:

especially when accompanied by a strained quadratus lumborum which hurt so much over the weekend it was a serious contender for being a cracked rib.

Then there are 400+ unsorted JPGs which must either be deleted or dealt with.
And the loft which is not yet cleared
And . . . and the other things which are too many to list!

The world will not end if I don't update my diary for a while, I must focus on what really needs to be accomplished . . .


  1. Not a good look at all for you, and I'm sorry about the strained thingy-whatsit. Still, perhaps the strained thing will give you a chance to sit down for long enough to do some of the other bits that are worrying you. Remember, there's no law about how often you should blog by the way. (well I don't think there is anyway!)

  2. Hey Bilbo, it goes like this sometime. Finish the loft, then you can tick that off your job list and get rid of all the mess, and thank god it's another of those jobs that only has to be done once :o). Winter is coming you'll have plenty of wet and yucky days to do the paperwork and photos, secure in the knowledge that you can't do anything outside even if you wanted to.

  3. Have to say I agree with Sewali. Although if something is really getting to you then do that first.

  4. You're all right - of course you are, you are my clever friends, how could you possibly be wrong?

    Have been good today, no trips into the loft or garden, plenty of bimbling around dealing with paperwork, a little laundry - a gentle day by my standards. Promise to behave tomorrow as well, and for as long as it takes my back to recover!

  5. Hi Bilbo, I was thinking how quiet it had been over at Bag End so thought I'd better check you were ok and hadn't fallen through the loft ceiling/been squashed by a tree or some such other calamity (gardening should be classified an extreme sport I reckon). So good to find you here albeit it swimming in pictures and 'stuff'. Be sure to keep patting yourself on the back for each item, large or small, ticked off the list. take care, Nic x

  6. Thanks Nic, we're OK, just been busy doing boring messy "indoor" stuff and have a bad case of Blog-Lag!


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