Thursday, 1 October 2009


What a wonderful start to the month. The postie delivered a sturdy little box containing all this bounty (there were also home-made cookies but they got scoffed in double-quick time, and damn delicious they were too).

I have Hazel to thank for this bountiful gift, although she has more faith in my organisational abilities than I do if she thinks I'll get ALL of these seeds planted and grown next year, she even included planting notes - what a star. I'm thrilled to get a taste of Nic's Marrow Cream because I adore Lemon Curd. Some of Hazels' courgette seeds are already mentally earmarked to become marrows so that I can make my own Zucchini Zinger! Thank you so much Hazel, you are a very good friend.

As there is unlikely to be much gardening in my immediate future, I can spend the morning imagining fantastic veggies whilst I go back into the loft for another disgusting session of this:

a much more exciting job than building a garden {not} - donning paper suit, goggles, breathing mask and thick gloves. The old insulation is flattened, filthy and has remains of earlier mouse infestations . . . and you don't want to know about the pile of feathers which were probably a blue tit or similar. Absolutely nothing left (that I have found so far) except feathers . . . . I did not enjoy the two hours I managed yesterday (and our roof has a very low pitch and I cannot stand up properly in there) and I am putting off going back up there today.


  1. Clearing and boarding the loft is the most hideous job I've ever had to do here, and I swore next time that I'd pay someone to do the whole job. Good luck with yours Bilbo, it's worth it in the end!

  2. You and I are both putting off jobs. Although yours sounds much more horrendous than mine, as I'm just putting off being outdoors delivering booklets on a dry day.

  3. No wonder you'd rather be imagining gardening. Horrid job, that.

  4. My pleasure, Bilbo - hope that they all match your criteria of "greenhouse crops, plus garlic, onion, potatoes, easy stuff".

    Let me know your verdict on the marrow cream - or Mock Lemon Curd, as it now is known as round here!

    I don't envy you on the insulation removal - ugh!

  5. Some of that bounty looks yummy. As for the loft, we did it once (in our young and foolish days, and would never do it again.

  6. You're all absolute correct - I am mad and yes, it is a horrendous job. There's 40 years of dirt & debris to be dealt with and we've been putting it off since we moved in. Think how disgustingly virtuous and pleased with myself I shall be when it's done!

  7. what a lovely haul from Hazel. Perhaps you'll get to sample the wine too when it's ready. I think you'll be working up a thirst in the loft!


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