Saturday, 26 September 2009

Weekend Visitors

This lovely family were very welcome visitors.

In total there are five - mum, two females and two males. Interesting to see the juvenile males with their beautiful plumage only half developed.

This little visitor is not quite so welcome - unless they stay in the garden and remember that the house is for humans. I wonder if pheasant would go for a mouse the same way as hens will?

Pheasant family came back Monday morning too, maybe the large handfuls of mixed corn are a successful inducement?


  1. Inducement to both welocme and unwelcome I think!

  2. I agree Flummery, but am reconciled that the rodent visitors are, at least, potential food for owls and sparrowhawk (and who knows, the pheasant might take after their chicken cousins and have a go as well?)

  3. Love the pictures. What a pastoral home. Everyone is settling in to prepare for winter! Do you burn a Yule log when it comes the time?

  4. Penny, what a spooky question. We are already burning some of the Leylandii when it is a little nippy in the evenings rather than put the central heating on, and this morning, whilst cleaning the stove from last night's fire, I was idly thinking about selecting some nice pieces of cherry and sycamore for our Christmas fires ...

  5. As I recall, pheasants have the world's smallest brains - they used to decide you were too close for comfort and erupt vertically out the stubble, but only once that two of your four hooves had passed by...ahh, happy days!

    The cats bring small mice in at night to play - catching them keeps me very agile in the wee hours. Any frogs brought in are much harder to catch incidently...

  6. Any frogs brought in are much harder to catch incidently...

    I am so glad you reminded me why I prefer dogs {giggle}.

    As for ease of catching, the numerous toadlets at Bag Eng are a dream to pick up. As they only walk (as opposed to froggy leaping) they're very easy to relocate.


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