Sunday, 27 September 2009

Unexpected Progress

Last week was cr*ppy, I didn't feel ill enough to be in bed but I wasn't well enough to actually DO anything. Management was silly enough to speculate I had swine flu but that suggestion was soon retracted when I pointed out that if he was correct, he would need to self-quarantine and not be able to travel on business for 2 weeks. I am sure the thought of missing a team event with quad bike racing, paint-balling and "assault buggies" had nothing to do with his change of heart.

One benefit of this unusually dry September is that the grass is not growing quite so fast but it is still growing and I spent all day Saturday walking behind the mower. For the first time I got around the WHOLE garden in one go, definite progress. Grass cutting at Bag End still involves too much stopping and starting as things are moved, out-of-control areas slowly brought into the fold, the hedge next to the vegetable area had to be cut so I could get access but 7 hours is a bit much even though I am thoroughly enjoying myself. There is something almost Zen about putting on ear protectors (loud petrol engine!) and walking slowly backwards and forwards in my own little world. However, a whole day is too long and I am going to have to find the budget for a ride-on mower. A neighbour who used to have a garden similar in size to Bag End reckons the move from walk-behind to sit-on cut his grass cutting time from one whole day to one hour.

Sunday was one of those messy, bitty days but I got more done than I expected. All the vegetable area is now mowed and tidy and black membrane has been laid where the long border will go. This was hard, working next to a small area which Ollie had adopted as his "own"; whenever I worked in the front garden, that is where Mr Hairy would settle, if ever I couldn't find him, that's where he would have taken himself off to. It is the spot where we have talked about placing his ashes once the bed is created but Sunday showed me I am nowhere near being able to do that, thankfully Management understands, however, if crying is supposed to be so bluddy cathartic, why don't I feel any better yet?


  1. That's all looking rather good, I must say! Yes, you must get a ride on mower for next year - you can find enough zen-like things to do in your life without committing a day a week to mowing the lawn...

  2. Great progress, although spending the whole day mowing sounds like torture to me.

    Amazing how Management altered his medical diagnosis so quickly!

  3. Yup, get your self a zero turn radious riding mower - that will give you back your time. Husband can mow our five acreas in about an hour and a half. Pricey but buys your freedom. Maybe this is the time of year to get a bargain!

  4. Time to invest in that sit-on mower I think. It's all looking good though. Amazing how much progress you have really made in a relatively short space of time.

  5. OK, so everyone votes for a ride-on! Am wondering if the autumn/winter is a good time to buy one 'cos it is technically "out of season".

  6. I once asked for an electric lawn mower as a Christmas present from my parents. They had one hell of a job finding one (pre-internet days) so don't wait too long.


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