Saturday, 19 September 2009

Rain stopped play

Rain stopped play, but not before a very large quantity of leylandii rubbish got moved to its final site - a nice large pile ready for immolation!

First job however, was to hack down all the nettles growing in the coppice area. This large pile of carefully cut brush has been in situ for far too long and also needs to take its place near the bonfire site.

Fingers crossed I manage that on Sunday.

This bench had to move, I want the cow muck pile relocated so that we can have the drive back and this seems like the most suitable location.

However, most progress was made in the bottom corner along the boundary with the lane. Previously I'd piled up cut branches to make a dead hedge to ensure that Mr Hairy didn't wander too close to a 3' drop onto the tarmac, and it worked very well - two used birds' nests were found with no abandoned eggs. Also, we need this area clear so we can get access to the HUGE tree stumps which are going to have to come out.

Yes, it does still look an unholy mess but slowly it is getting better. Once all is cleared we will be horribly exposed for some months until fencing/hedging provides us with some screening. It will be "interesting" when the timber has been removed because we have never yet seen our garden completely clear of leylandii and rubbish.

A very large pile waiting for a bonfire - and expected to get bigger. Weather forecast is settled for today and neighbours have been recruited to help feed the flames at tea-time. Fingers crossed because Bag End Plans have a nasty habit of going off the rails.


  1. There's nothing like a good burn-up, hope the weather holds good for you. We could do with a little shower or two down here, having rained for the whole of July and August when we didn't need it, it's now bone dry when we do need it!

  2. Sewali's right - could we have your rain whilst you have your bonfire...?

  3. I forgot to ask - how on earth to you get those huge tree stumps out, and doesn't the retaining wall fall down at the same time??

    Much head scratching here, but expect you have a pl*n?

  4. We've been having glorious weather too. Did yours hold out for long enough to have your bonfire?

  5. I don't envy you the tree stump removal. We just have one that's causing a headache! No access for the heavy stuff that removed the stump of the crab apple at the front! Much impressive progress Bilbo. Hope the fire worked its magic!



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