Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Which amounts to 460 bulbs - 280 new ones and 180 from the pots.

It also amounts to 10.00 - 5.30 with food and drink breaks, plus the inevitable chatting breaks talking to neighbours. It's naughty of me to say this but I shall be glad when I am back working inside the garden and can get on without constant interruptions!

Dividing the bed into sections worked well because I could deal with a manageable amount at a time. Hopefully I will get the last 3 sections done tomorrow morning.

Don't want to think about how much soil I moved - it was easier to completely remove a section of soil, position the bulbs, and then replace the soil than try to dig individual holes. I am sure James or Hazel would enjoy working out 70 foot long x 18" wide x an average of 4"/5" deep . . . and factor in that everything was handled twice including the old compost from the pots - emptied into the wheelbarrow to extract the bulbs, and then spread on each section of bed as top dressing. Yes, they'll have great fun working that out and telling me how mad I am.


  1. Don't think that I'm doing hard sums at this time of night, missus!

    It's a shame that the bodgy-stick method of bulb planting didn't work out although I ended up with trowel & spade too.

    Sounds like you've done about a million times better job than me - it only occured to me right at the end that I should have given everything a good feed as I went.

    And you can't even take an impressive pic to say 'I did this!' until Spring time...

  2. Wow, that's a lot of earth moving and bulb planting you got done. I don't blame you for not digging individual holes though. That would be a lot of little holes to dig.

  3. and 70% of the day spent counting all those bulbs? just goes to show that gardening exercises the brain almost as much as the body!

  4. I think digging out troughs and mass planting is the only way to go. And I speak as one who owns a bulb planter - I use it for planting potatoes!

  5. Thank you all, trying not to think about how stiff the backs of my legs are this morning and getting out to finish the last three sections.

  6. Yes, but all that work will result in you being fit in mind, body and spirit! It sounds wonderful, actually.


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