Wednesday, 16 September 2009

100% - and not a great deal to show for all the work

Which amounted to 675 bulbs (not like I was counting or anything ....). How many will actually flower after a wet Cumbrian winter and the depredations of the army of mice is anyone's guess.

Three fairly easy hours in the morning completed the industrial scale bulb planting exercise, and a couple of hours in the afternoon saw the whole lot topped with small bark chips, missing out this step will guarantee that in weeks it would be covered with weeds. It only took 20 minutes to spread the bark, but over 1½ hours schlepping around in the car until I found the small chips which we prefer to use rather then the readily available large stuff.

As I finished a local know-it-all came by and told me how much mess the blackbirds would make of it. I suspect "oh I do hope so because that will confirm we've established another wildlife feeding station" was the wrong answer . . . do I care??

After some unfair email bullying on my part, our friend James concluded that in total, I had moved 4 tons of soil ...

"I got as far as just under 40 cu ft of earth in the bed when I started to lose the will to live :)

Double that to 80 cu ft and at around 100 pounds/cu ft (depending on type, composition and compaction) this would equate to 8000 pounds or a bit under 4 tons in old money. There - you forced me!"

He lost the will to live? How the heck do you think I felt - it was me wot woz moving it all! Bounced around in a worryingly good mood all evening caused, I suspect, by for once actually having FINISHED A JOB!

Celebrated this by spending an hour with John Lowe making plans for civil engineering in the front garden to get rid of that awful slope next to the steps. We await his quote.


  1. It looks so neat that if I didn't know better I wouldn't think this was actually part of Bag End.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the bulbs in flower next year.

  2. cheeky madam {{{giggle}}}. In a way it isn't part of Bag End - it's outside facing the road so you are nearly right!

  3. Now I do like that! Very smart indeed!

    I was going to make the blackbird comment too - but only to say 'it's a shame that you won't be able to see from the house the inevitable blackbirds who will take great pleasure in re-distributing your bark chippings!'

    I'm glad you bullied James & not me with the maths - although you do know that I'm going to have sit down and see if I agree with him {grin}!

  4. Bilbo you're an inspiration - I'd love a neighbour like you

  5. Aww - blush, thanks Nic. A house just behind us is for sale {giggle}, great place to bring up kids and fabbo views!

    Hazel is right - is does look very smart and in the spring our neighbours will probably see more of it as they drive by than we will, but that is OK, I'd rather be known as "that mad woman who planted all the lovely daffodils" rather than just "that mad woman at the end of the road!"

  6. and will you be counting the flowers to see just how many survived the winter? (gg)


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