Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Wood-burning stove, part 2

More demolition today as the decision was taken to remove another two courses of bricks. This should give us an opening that is better in proportion with the size of room and hearth.

It also involved removing a LARGE amount of plaster (all) from the chimney breast. I noticed yesterday when vacuuming that a whole section had blown from the wall and if it didn't come down today, then it would have failed some time in the future . . .

Then a new lintel followed by the register plate (which was cut exactly to size on the driveway, very clever)

Then a first coat of concrete to start to tidy up the opening

Despite today's crew of Mark, Gareth and Adam being tidy workers (I was impressed when I discovered they had protected my car from the cement mixer),

there followed an awful lot of vacuuming and dusting . . .

Confirm order for stove tomorrow which will enable hearth size to be confirmed then sit and wait for a week or two.


  1. Isn't it exciting? OH said yesterday he thought the opening was a bit small, so I'm glad to hear some more bricks have come out. Looking forward to the next instalment!

  2. Apparently Himself thought so too - but didn't bother to mention it - d'uh? Thank goodness chap in charge today was switched on and prepared to take the extra time to remove those bricks.

  3. I guess you'll be hoping for lots of cosy winter nights burning the logs you have stacked up in your garden.

  4. I think the log basket may be a little premature!

  5. Angela, I am quite sure we will have plenty of weather suitable for lighting the stove!

    Rachel, after the amount of flippin' clearing up I've had to do I deserve a little bit of set-dressing!

  6. That's been so quick it seems to me.

    I loved the set-dressing idea, but I really think that basket should have been filled with logs!

  7. You can use the couple of weeks waiting for the fire delivery to shorten the curtains, perhaps? {grins & ducks}

    And less of your 'cosy winter nights' for a while yet, you lot - it's still August, and there's fell walking & gardening to be enjoyed, I'm sure.

  8. QuiltSue, if I filled the basket with logs it would be much heavier when I have to move it!

    Hazel, over-long curtains are a Style Thing Darhling {cough, splutter}. Actualy, if the curtain track wasn't sagging and half off the wall they'd probably be OK. Another job for the weekend.

  9. I look forward to sitting in your front room on a cold winter's day with hot chocolate and freshly baked cake in hand whilst taking in the majestic sweep of the northern fells outside. [HINT]

    Oh, and I think you will enjoy it too!

  10. James, consider yourself invited! It will be especially nice if we're sitting looking at the Whiteside ridge that we completed earlier in the day {smile}.


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