Saturday, 15 August 2009


Every hobby has its own set of abbreviations and acronyms which can be unintelligible to the outsider. Stitching is no different and it was with confusion that I read recently on a friend's blog about PIFs and RAKs. I worked out PIF (Pay It Forward) but had to ask Angela what on earth was a RAK - it turned out to be a Random Act of Kindness.

Which is exactly what I received this week. Gob-smacked, lost for words, that doesn't happen often.

Angela has created this beautiful piece of work and sent it to Bag End. Her stitching is exceptional and her finishing leaves me in awe. The accompanying note says she started it without a recipient in mind, but for lots of reasons she kept thinking of me whilst sewing (poor girl!). Although not a "dog person", she has met Ollie and found him quite acceptable for a large, Hairy Person and she felt I needed a pressie at this time, a true Random Act of Kindness.

This gorgeous pin cushion will take pride of place next to the sewing machine once it has been down to Birmingham and met SewAli.


  1. What a lovely friend Angela is. Not just a lovely RAK, but a fantastically appropriate pressie.

  2. I take it that you will be present and correct in a beautiful fuschia coloured dress when I see you at the weekend? {g}

    What a beautiful and thoughtful present!

    Note to self: build RAK into own life

    NB: word verification CLOTH

  3. What's a dress?

    (very appropriate word ver. do you think th Universe is telling you something?)


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