Saturday, 18 July 2009

Update on The Boy

After Wednesday's fright, Ollie seems to have recovered fairly well.

The good news is that his heart medication, Vetmedin, does not seem to have caused any obvious side-effects (ie: vomiting) and it's possible that he is a little brighter and with slightly more energy. He is also eating very well, but that might be down to our giving him exactly what he wants rather than what we think he ought to have! There's a suspicion that his mouth might be getting sensitive or sore as he's definitely gone off the crunchy complete food, however, if we prepare it 3 hours in advance (add a bit of cooked lamb mince and let it all go soft and soggy) he finds that quite palatable.

On the downside, he is definitely more frail and "wobbly" than he was prior to the latest seizure, and he is sleeping even more than before. When we do go for a gentle walk he will either stumble and "face plant", distressing for us to see but he seems fairly unperturbed, or more recently, the back end just gently collapses and he sits down unexpectedly.

Saying that, I've just taken him out and he wanted to walk all the way to the seat on the way into the village and then come back and do our usual "round the block" and when he got back home he still had the energy to run 20 feet up the lawn in order to chase a pigeon . . .

Right now he's laying on a quilt on the balcony, seems fairly happy and watching the world go by.


  1. Sounds like the medication is doing him good. I guess the best thing to do is just what you are doing - let him tell you what he wants and when he wants it, whether it's food or exercise.

    Love to all.

  2. Sorry to read about Ollie's (and your!) trauma again, good job Max was there. Not an easy time for any of you but sounds like you are doing all the right things for him. Jill xxx

  3. Sounds like he's determined to make the most of every second.

  4. Thanks girls, I guess all we can do is love him to bits for as long as he's got - and with Ollie, that could be MONTHS; I wouldn't write him off just yet!

  5. Have a look at this:
    Hattie has gone off crunchy food due to teeth problems and/or her illness interferes with her appetite. I got a sample of Robbies, which is basically rice, meat and veg. Rehydrated it as directed and she went berserk for it! We are now starting to feed it to her full time. If you look at their site they will send you a free sample.

  6. Rachel, thank you so much. Have asked for the sample - certainly looks promising. Of course, with Ollie there are no guarantees but if I bought some and he refused to eat it we could always donate it to Hattie!


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