Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sewing Sunday

After the epic brush-clearing work on Saturday, I was extremely glad to wake up Sunday morning to wind and rain. Himself settled down for a day of motorbike racing on TV, I settled down to a day in the sewing room.

Decided I had moved the Yellow Peril blocks around quite enough, numbered them and it didn't take long until they were a quilt top:

It's not really darker at the top - the photo is p*nts because I haven't taken the time to find out how to use Photoshop Elements to lighten just the top section . . .

Merlin got a thorough clean, polish and oiling, then I quilted up some fabric which had been pinned onto the frame for far too long. One side is soft brushed cotton which Ollie loves, so this warm-up piece is destined to become another Beardie Blanket!

Definitely on a roll, I pieced some fabric for a backing, wasted a significant amount of time trying to decide which batting to use (settled on Warm & White 100% cotton), got Yellow Peril mounted on the frame and started quilting!

I so LOVE my APQS Millennium. Not knocking the Gammill which did me proud for nearly a decade and was an extremely well-built machine, but using Merlin is like spending years behind the wheel of a truck and finally being given the keys to an Aston Martin DB8. It must be three months since I touched this machine but after cleaning and oiling it sewed like a dream from the first stitch - no tension issues, no skipped stitches, and the stitch regulator is out of this world - no more having to adjust my quilting in order for the SR to be able to keep up - whatever I do, this amazing machine just works perfectly, no long stitches coming out of points, none of this having to start slowly to give the encoders time to catch up with me . . . bliss!

Decided to stop after a couple of rows, it was way past my bedtime and mistakes happen if I quilt when tired (that's the voice of experience finally learning from her mistakes!)


  1. It is entirely your fault that I have been spending time on youtube looking up the quilting tutorials - I want you to know that I will NOT be taking up quilting this winter. At all. Unless its raining.

    Nope, siree.

    I can't hear you - la la la la la la.

  2. I want you to know that I will NOT be taking up quilting this winter. At all. Unless its raining. Nope, siree.

    In which case there is no point my directing you at Lynne Edwards' brilliant book "The Sampler Quilt" (not to be confused with "The NEW S.Q ...") which is - IMNSHO - just about the best introduction to making quilt blocks and using all those strange tools that you could have.

    There is a link to this at Bag End Books in the Quilting section, but then - you're not interested, are you?

  3. I can probably offer some help with doing a "graduated filter" in Photoshop. Not got a clue about all of this quilting malarky though ;)

  4. Hooray, it's great to see quilts being produced at Bag End, how exciting, and I love the way the yellow peril has come together. And Hazel, I hate to say it, but you're a gonner LOL!!

  5. Sounds to me like Hazel's caught the bug! Of course she won't want to know about "Quilting makes the Quilt" either will she for when she's made her first top?

    Yellow Peril is looking great, and as sewali said, it is good to see quilts coming from Bag End.


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