Sunday, 12 July 2009

Oh, to be young again

Saturday morning my neighbour came to visit with her two teenagers. We showed J. and C. around the garden and explained what we wanted doing (basically shifting piles of soil from A to B). We explained it was going to be very hard work, and then we explained again that it would be very hard work but they were not deterred, went home to change and came back again surprisingly quickly!

In four hours, the two young men shifted all this soil excavated during the Dowsing episode

to the long bed which goes along the front of the house next to the pavement.

I still have to pick it over and remove the largest stones but that will be nothing compared to the strain of moving it all! Once it has been mixed in with the cow manure placed there earlier in the year I will be able to put in some daffodil bulbs and herbaceous perennials - finally! The Escallonia which was "knee-capped" last year is growing back extremely well and the only other plant growing at the front is this sunflower.

Obviously planted by a passing bird, it is nearly in flower

Then, looking for something else to do they swiftly emptied all the soil from another raised bed.

The front of the Log Store is looking much tidier now!

Management was working extremely hard up a ladder during this time, washing down guttering, house walls and doing some remedial painting. I had an unusually relaxed day - kept an eye on Hairy One, did the laundry, supplied all the workers with constant cold drinks, moved the salad crops from the veg area to the patio next to the back door and - TA DA - planted out the asparagus.

The boys say they are coming back on Monday afternoon . . . we shall see! C. found the work a lot harder than he expected, he has an Aspergers-type condition and I will not be surprised or in the slightest bit upset if he chooses not to return. J., on the other hand, has an amazing capacity for work and loves being outdoors, I am sure we will see him again.


  1. Amazing progress there, and all without putting too much strain on you and Management. Brilliant solution.

    When would you like me to make myself available for asparagus quality control tasting? (gg)

  2. Wow! planting at last!! The front will look lovely with Daffies along that wall......and although I am not an asparagus fan I can understand the thrill of planting something to eat.....but they wont be harvestable for a couple of years will they?

  3. QuiltSue, so very kind of you (giggle), you will have to make sure you visit at the right time, however, the taste testing will not be happening until 2011 - which is why I was in so much of a hurry to get the plants in!

    Granny, I am going to sprinkle some of those poppy seeds you gave me along the front.

  4. Do you hire them out?
    They've done a great job there!

  5. Hi Jayne, Sounds like you need a few more 'relaxing' days to replenish your energy levels. The usual amount of work you do in the garden astounds me, not to mention all the rest of the 'normal' stuff we women do! Hang on tight to your young helper(s), what stars!!! Thanks for email, I will reply!

    Love Jill

  6. Fabulous! Bet you wished these two had been around earlier! Tell them 'well done' from us!

  7. Thanks Jill, yes, laundry, cleaning & shopping still have to be fitted in {giggle}.

    Hazel, I have more faith that the current worker (J) will last longer than previous ones even though he is half the age of his predecessors (well, I do hope so!!) The first (Neil) never came back 'cos the work was too hard and the second (K.) decided he likes to drink more than work . . .


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