Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The indefatigable Beardie

Don't write us off just yet {giggle}.

He spent all day Tuesday flat out sleeping heavily, not engaging with me or the world, no spark in his eyes. Until Daddy comes home from work at which point we stand up briskly, wag our tail, start barking and spend much of the evening being a noisy little sod! Obviously I am not interesting enough to bother to expend energy on during the day . . .

(Being very noisy a couple of years ago on [in?] Loch Arkaig)

Yes, he's still got very wobbly back legs, yes he is definitely more frail than before the last seizure, but if Ollie has anything to do with it, then it might be a little bit soon to be preparing his eulogy.

And just in case there is a smidgen of lingering doubt about our sanity (apparently there is medication but we choose not to take it) this is what we have done to the bedroom, just for Ollie:

Yes it is "his" sofa
Yes it is at the end of the bed
Yes it is the "wrong" way round

But since Sunday he has been very happy to sleep on the sofa (thankfully leaving the bed for two-legs). Perhaps by turning the sofa around this way we've led him to believe it is now part of the bed, perhaps he feels 'close enough' without actually having to lay on top of me, and there is the reassurance that he's not likely to turn around in the night when he's half asleep and dopey and fall onto the floor (yes, that did nearly happen once, but fortunately I sleep very lightly and grabbed him as he went over the edge!)


  1. He has got you well trained :)

    Maybe a swim in Bass would take the weight off his back for a bit and let him do something he loves. Of course, someone would have to go in with him to ensure he didn't get into difficulty. Just how cold is Bass right now? ;)

    There's an idea - hydrotherapy - marginally more comfortable than the cold waters of Bass.

    I think you've got to accept that there are still some good days amongst the bad ones, oh, and that Daddy has the knack!

  2. Strewth, Bilbo - he's come up trumps again, hasn't he? Well done Ollie!

    Here's hoping that that most difficult of decisions is still a VERY long way away.

    Thinking of you all. xx

  3. He sounds just like any child. Ignore mum, after all she's always there but make a fuss of dad because he's hardly there.

    Obviously he's reserving his energy for the important things in life like chasing birds and making sure dad knows he's pleased to see him.

    Like James idea of hydrotherapy, he can do something he loves and exercise his back legs without putting weight on them. Get your swimming gear out.

  4. They say that dogs have people and cats have staff, but I'm not so sure now!

  5. Pheww!! I'm so glad there's an improvement today. They do really know how to put their humans through the wringer don't they?


  6. I wonder if you can get some sort of buoyancy aid to give all three of you peace of mind?

  7. Thank you all. Weather permitting, a trip to Bass Lake is planned for the weekend. Mum will be in shorts and sandals and get wet feet {grin}, we use his RuffWear harness as a "handle" so no need for a life-jacket.

    Years ago we tried hydrotherapy when he'd injured a foot but he hated it. For Ollie, water has to be "au naturel" or nothing.

    Today he's walked a little way up the road without any stumbles, had a small breakfast and is now laying in the garden enjoying the fresh breeze.

    SewAli - don't know about staff, these days I'm a full-time carer.

    QuiltSue - oh yes, they surely manage to put us through the emotional wringer.

  8. Spoilt?! There is a hydrotherapy place for dags not far from you - if you don't know about it and want more info - email me! Hope he enjoys his supper tonight!!

  9. There are times when he has been called much worse than a dag ("filthy, dirty, muddy little b*gger" springs to mind)

    Hydrotherapy place - yes please, all info is good to have.


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