Saturday, 18 July 2009

I could garden . . .

But I am not going to, and probably won't tomorrow either, so there!

I could:
work on the raised beds
process more leylandii brush
move bonfire-sized brush from the Coppice
clear the area in front of the log store
move logs from the back of the house
dig over the bed next to the pavement

and that little list is before I spend any time thinking about what I might like to do . . .

I am not in the mood, I am going to sit and sew.


  1. Anything nice? (Of course it is! - but what?)

  2. Good for you, but just WHAT are you sewing. Enquiring (read nosey) friends need to know.

  3. It must be special to keep you from the garden in fine weather - do tell!

  4. Giggle - yes it is nice (I hope) and fingers crossed it will turn out special because it is intended as a gift.

    Have a wander over T'other blog and all is revealed!

  5. OK who is it that has taken over this blog? What have you done with the real Bilbo?

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend ........ it's long overdue.

  6. Extremely relaxing, thank you. Dinner casseroled itself in the oven with very little assistance from me, Management is watching something silly on TV, Ollie and I have just been round the block again, and I'm about to do more sewing.

    Pretty damn good day really!

  7. It's about time you had a bit of R&R Bilbo! Sorry still haven't emailed properly, feeling zapped again at the moment! T'other Bilbo in Yorkshire! xxx

  8. Dear Senior Bilbo, hope you're feeling a bit better and that, if nothing else, we give you a laugh when the original B.E. gardener comes to see what is happening at the new B.E.

    love, junior Bilbo, xx

  9. Only that you have been gardening at your Bag End way longer than we have at ours . . .

    Casting no aspersions about birthdays or the like, just acknowledging that you had a Bag End before I did! {{hugs and giggles}}

  10. Lol!!! In terms of know-how and seemingly boundless energy and sheer bloody (can I say bloody on here!!!?) determination to get things done, I reckon you deserve seniority Bilbo!!!


  11. Of course you can say bloody, or bl**dy, or if you are in John P mode, you can say "bluddy".


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