Saturday, 25 July 2009

I am going to be so tired tomorrow

After much outdoor work on Thursday , and a frenzy of activity in the kitchen on Friday, the task for Saturday was to attack the huge pile of Leylandii brush at the bottom of the garden.

It was all Management's idea - when I cannot move tomorrow morning I shall blame him (not that it will make a blind bit of difference). Not sure how long we worked or how many litres of water got consumed but I do know it was a very, very, very unpleasant day to be wearing thick Husqvarna chainsaw trousers and it was a very, very long hot day.

But at least by the end of it we have a tidy and large pile of stuff waiting to be burnt and a respectable quantity of cut branches waiting to be trimmed with the brush-hook and moved to one of the many log piles. If the weather holds we'll try for a bonfire tomorrow night . . . that's a big "if".


  1. Please tell me that's the last of the Leylandii brush...

  2. Dear James
    That is the last of the Leylandii
    Love Bilbo

    PS: That is a lie . . . there is still lots waiting for you all along the fence next to the lane plus a HUGE pile of bonfire-sized bits in the Coppice

  3. and so another corner of Bag End is beaten into submission. It'll be worth all the aches and pains soon.

  4. On the plus side, that is still a cracking view - although I suspect that you had your head down for the the most part.

    Another tick in the box of 'things to do' - well done, and I hope you get your bonfire later.

  5. Enjoy the bonfire! Grub and a drinkie too I hope?

  6. QuiltSue - I think "beaten into submission" is a bit optimistic, I'll settle for "barely under control" at some point in the future!

    Yes Hazel, there were MANY stops to sit and admire the view which, yesterday, was amazing. Management is adament that my planting plans cannot include anything which will obstruct it.

    Flummery - no bonfire, it's flippin' TEEING it down today . . . not complaining, we badly need a lot of rain.

  7. How much more leyllandi is there Bilbo? it seems as though you have been playing with this stuff all summer!

  8. Granny, I wouldn't call it playing {grrrrrr} but yes, it does feel like we have been working on it all summer, and all last winter as well. You've seen for yourself how much of the damn stuff there is, if we can get it all cleared and burnt by the end of this year we will be happy.

  9. Hope you didn't ache too much. One day in the not too distant future all of this will be behind you and Leylandii will no longer have a place in your garden.


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