Saturday, 18 July 2009

don't panic !

I've realised that the thought of "more than 70 different fabrics" in one quilt could cause two of my very special friends to come out in palpitations.

So, just for them, how about you think of it as a home-made Jelly Roll?

There, does that feel better?


  1. oh yes, much better thanks - I love jelly rolls. Actually, whispering so sewali doesn't hear, I'm definitely starting to love scrap quilts, just not sure I'm ready to make them all the time yet, unless I can use jellyrolls.

  2. SewAli is a strong, resourceful women - hell, anyone who can wrestle Microsoft operating systems into submission is no pushover - I suspect she will cope with our wild fabric ways!

  3. aaaaarrrrgggghhhh .... eeeeeeeeek ... she's gone over to the dark side ... ROFL!! And you give me far too much credit where MS is concerned Bilbo LOL!! However, I will go so far as to saying I do like (that should read love) jelly rolls and I can handle controlled scrappy as well, there's got to be a lot of a common background fabric and a colour theme, but I can do it. I haven't done much sewing recently, I'm glad to see you're being creative Bilbo, maybe I'll go and sort some fabrics out ...

  4. SewAli, I think this quilt might be too much for you {giggle}, no common background fabric - in fact, no background at all. Definitely a colour theme though . . . it's very yellow!

    Couldn't be ***ed to go in the garden at all at the weekend so now only have two more logs per block and then I can assemble them into a top. There will be pictures - be warned!


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