Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A b****y awful afternoon

Ollie was due at the vet this afternoon to have his poor arthritic toes looked at.

He was having one of those "restless, cannot settle" days but around 2.00pm accepted that the sofa was as good a place as any and I decided to sit with him for the hour until it was time to go to Millcroft. In the time it took to go to the kitchen, collect a drink that was already poured and walk back to the sitting room he started another seizure.

If Max had not been at home Ollie would have died. I had rolled Ollie onto his back but he still couldn't breath. Max was absolutely amazing - he gave the dog mouth-to-mouth (well, mouth to nostril) until the seizure stopped and Ollie was breathing again on his own. Understandably he was then very stressed, wobbly, agitated but we decided to go straight to the vet.

We had a long consultation with Mark Geddes who was excellent. Once Ollie had calmed down sufficiently to be handled he took a blood sample and to his amazement and our pleasant surprise, nearly all the results were perfect - and that's perfect for any dog, not just a 14 year old one. The only thing to cause concern was a raised red blood cell count which indicates his body has manufactured more haemoglobin-carrying cells, maybe to compensate for lack of oxygen, maybe because his heart murmur is getting worse . . . so we have new medication which might help that.

Back home now, Ollie has been very restless, agitated, not knowing what he wants to do or where he wants to lay. At present he is on the bed under my desk and the snoring is a good sign - perhaps he has finally calmed down enough that he can sleep and get over the stress of this afternoon, I know I'd like to.

And the toes . . . didn't get a look in.


  1. oh, I'm sorry it was so horrible Jayne for him and for you both. What a good thing you were both at home at the time, and the blood count sounds like good news too. I'm thinking of you all. Lots of hugs.

  2. Thank goodness Max was there. Hope you all have a good night.

  3. It does sound like he is basically a strong dog, but what a fright for you all. I hope a good kip has helped (and I hope you managed one too?)

  4. Thanks all. Yes Flummery, he is ridiculously "healthy" for his age and if it was not for the arthritis we'd be looking cheerfully towards 15 or 16 years.

    Not surprisingly, he slept on the bed last night and got way more shut-eye than I did. Every time his breathing changed or he moved at all I was awake - think I finally dropped off properly around 2.00 and was wide awake again at 5.15.

    He's already had a big drink, morning biscuit and medication - and all this about 4 hours earlier than on a normal day. I've left him curled up on the bed and will check on him every 10-15 minutes.

  5. What a worry - and well done Max. Amazing what you can do in a tight corner, isn't it?

    Hugs to you all.

  6. Just catching up on the blogs ... I do hope Ollie's more comfortable now and that everyone's recovering from the shock.

  7. Thanks Hazel, Ali. Much better on Thursday, in fact, he was quite bright and barky (the new heart meds??). We all slept much better last night too, and he is still curled up doing serious zzzzzzz's.

  8. I hope our dear friend is now feeling a lot better Bilbo. He looks really comfie on those quilts! Glad Max was around to help - even if it was an extreme thing to do......what a lovely man....


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