Saturday, 27 June 2009

Wasp Whisperer?

When I stopped to really think about it, the wasp nest could not stay where it was for the whole summer. Its presence would have made it difficult or even impossible for us to add any wood to the Log Store, and there was a distinct chance that the chaps coming to build a concrete raft for the shed would have planted a size 12 right in the middle of it.

I took some advice from members of the Grapevine, agreed with most of it, ignored some completely, dressed up like a train robber and moved the nest late Friday night.

Management offered to take some pictures of the removal process but light levels were very low and by his own admission he finds it hard to hold my large camera steady.

Earlier in the day some chicken wire was fixed to the fence and it fell naturally in a way which has not touched the ground, maybe the will prevent the nest getting flooded when it next rains heavily - and this is Cumbria - it WILL rain heavily.

There were no problems; despite much protective clothing not a single wasp flew at me or threatened to sting. I maintain this is because I had explained to them earlier in the day what I was planning and how it was for their own safety {grin} . According to NOG I am, therefore, a Wasp Whisperer - I've been called much worse!

Fingers crossed that they are not too disturbed by their relocation and that they do not desert the hive (and start a new one in a really inconvenient location!)

The pile on the left is what remains of the huge eucalyptus root which John excavated. It is dry and papery - perfect wasp nest building material. I have placed a chunk of it at each end of the chicken wire, partly to keep Mr Hairy away (not that he goes around this part of the garden much) and partly to slow down any unsuspecting two-legs (whose presence is also unlikely, but I don't want any visitors or workmen to be on the receiving end of an angry hive).


  1. Well thought out plan, well executed if I might say so - have you been to have a look this morning to see if the nest has wasps coming and going?

  2. Thanks Hazel, to answer your question - yes, and sadly "no". There is no wasp activity around the little nest but lots around the soil pile adjacent to where the nest was. Jury out as to whether there is a nest in the soil - do they do this?

  3. I think that was very brave of you Bilbo. Personally, I would have run indoors shreiking when I saw the nest - I'm not good if there's one wasp, but a nestful? No way.

  4. Quilt Sue, I don't think my removal technique has been successful - it looks like that beautiful paper creation is empty and there are wasps crawling in and out of a small hole in the pile of soil next to where it was .... hey ho, will have to come up with a Plan B which I suspect carries a far greater risk of upsetting them and getting attacked.

  5. Well, please don't expect any help from me! gg


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