Sunday, 21 June 2009

NGS Garden Visit, Crookdake

I remember this garden visit as if it was yesterday - gorgeous gardens have a way of imprinting onto the consciousness and staying there!

Wrapped around an old Cumbrian farmhouse, the main garden areas are a huge vegetable/fruit section with many flowers to attract pollinators, a very sheltered cottage garden, a lovely wildflower meadow and an extremely large pond, I've seen smaller tarns out on the fells.

Working anti-clockwise from the road, first the potager.

Next to that and flanked with big hedges to protect against the wind is the cottage garden.

from the house, the veg patch is on the left through the pergola

house from the cottage garden

Behind the cottage garden is a meadow area.

This is new and has lots of Yellow Rattle planted to reduce the grass fertility to make better conditions for wildflowers.

Across the farmhouse yard is the huge pond, is it wrong to covet someone else's Gunnera manicata?

Around the house itself are small pockets of planting which soften the buildings and are all perfectly suited to their location.

Many under-gardeners.

A very high Drool-Factor with this garden, one of the best I have visited up here and full of planting inspiration.

Thank you Google:

(Street view)


  1. Fabulous place Jill, open again Sunday 12th June (have sent you a link, let me know if you do not receive it)

    Perhaps you could schedule a visit around this time?

  2. Ah I understand the link now I have see this!


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