Wednesday, 24 June 2009

" . . . do not cause drowsiness"

"The tablets, at the recommended dose, do not cause drowsiness in the majority of people. However, as with all antihistamines, occasional cases of drowsiness have been reported. If affected, do not drive or operate machinery"

Yeah right. The hayfever symptoms were so bad this morning that I grabbed a packet of Piriteze in Sainsbury's and took one tablet when I got home. During the afternoon I suffered no hayfever symptoms - that would be because I was sound asleep. Sat down at lunchtime and woke up three hours later, dog outside, every door and window in the place wide open, thankfully no unwanted visitors. Not surprising then, no gardening on Wednesday. If ever I need a sleeping tablet I know what to take.


  1. Have you sneezed since? I take my antihistamine before going to bed, means I hopefully sleep off any drowsiness and I'm also not kept awake with the snuffles. I'm not claiming it works completely, but I've never been a morning person so I couldn't tell you if the anti-h makes that worse or not LOL

  2. Sorry, Bilbo, but your post did make me smile!

    Mind you, I would be rueing the waste of the afternoon, but given the heat, it was maybe just as well that you were knocked out - hobbits have a stubborn habit of wanting to get things done, I think, despite the risk of heatstroke!

  3. SewAli, you are right - there was no sneezing, but there was nothing else either, completely unconscious!

    Hazel, what are these aspersions you cast on the common-sense (of lack of it) that has been noted in certain hobbits?

  4. Reminds me I must start taking some for my trip north. I need them to calm down my reaction to midge bites, which of course love me.

    I take mine in the early evening and tend to find that in the first few days I am devoid of energy, which isn't good when my reason for going north is to walk up hills.

  5. Angela, I used to use Nelsons Pollena (homeopathic) which I find works extremely well but you have to take it for a few days. It is most unlike me to buy something OTC like Piriteze but I was desperate yesterday!

  6. An ex-boss of mine always maintained that I only deeded to open a bottle/packet of anti-histamine pills (any make/type)to start falling asleep. Now I try not to take any as even the non-drowsies either send me to sleep or away with the fairies.


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