Sunday, 26 April 2009

Update on Mr Hairy

Friday afternoon was one of the, if not THE, most dreadful things I have ever witnessed; struggling for breath I think he actually was dieing in front of me and it was only sheer fool luck and probably Divine Intervention that meant he rolled into a position where his airway cleared.

He was much better yesterday - the only visible sign of the trauma is bruising to his front legs where the needles went in. He got up surprisingly early, about 10.30, and by the time we had finished in the garden he had fitted in TWO walks up the road and TWO bowls of food, both of which were consumed at a healthy and enthusiastic rate.

From what little I can find online about this soft palette collapse and thinking about exactly what happened, it was definitely not epilepsy (he did not lose consciousness), and might have been caused because it was very warm Friday afternoon. God forbid it happens again, I know to tip him upside down to make the palette drop back to the roof of his mouth, I'll also be giving him air by blowing into his nostrils (that First Responder training was always going to be useful).

Thanks to all his extended family for the support and messages - very much appreciated.


  1. Well he looks fine there - much like Oak Tree Cottage's Fat Cat - they know a comfy place when they see one. I do hope he continues as he is. Poor old soul!

  2. Great news. I saw the previous report on my way to bed last night and was going to comment on it this morning. So glad to hear he's been much more active.

    Between Ollie and Angus I feel like I'm on dog watch wondering if the next news will be bad news.

  3. Angela, don't be on dog-watch, I'm just rejoicing in the fact that he is still with us and trust me - I'm doing enough dog-watching for the whole county!!

    Flum - thanks for the good wishes, hugs back to the Rock Chicks.


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