Saturday, 25 April 2009

Dowsing, part three, or, didn't get much done today

8.30 on a Saturday morning after the yesterday's scare with Canine One isn't the best way to start a weekend but Brian was determined to find that damn water pipe and ready to get started with his pick and shovel.

I was so glad that Management was here today and took control of the situation. Frankly I was fed up with the digging which was no longer for our benefit but continuing because B. didn't want to be "beaten". The hole where our stop-tap should be was enlarged considerably during the morning but when it was over 3 foot deep Management called a halt, the hole was back-filled and marked, and the tools were cleaned.

In the near future we will have two diggers here - either when John is removing tree stumps or when Alan is here to do the groundwork for shed and greenhouse bases, and we will continue excavations but with mechanical assistance.

Although Canine One had a good night, Himself and I were exhausted from yesterday's shenanigans. It was a fresh, sunny morning so we just cleared away the last big pile of brush that was along the back fence and moved it to join the existing big pile of brush along the side boundary.

This enables me to get at all the fence for creosoting and opens up access for clearing and eventually digging over in preparation for hedging. That task completed, we decided we were both cream-crackered, didn't want to play any more, and went to MacDonald's for lunch!


  1. You've got a bit of a problem there haven't you? Like Time Team, you need Geophys and their ground penetrating radar etc. Not that I'm convinced much would help with the huge layer of soil on top. The delights of hillside gardening!

  2. Well done to Management for finally calling ahalt to the ever growing hole.

    Good old MacDonalds the only source of employment in this household!!

  3. Tuesday's digging is going to be accompanied by some sort of scanner which John is getting in specially to try and avoid the main phone cable. If blog updates suddenly stop you'll know it didn't work . . .

    Angela, nowt wrong with flipping burgers. A good friend of mine in the States gave up professionally quilting for others and went to MacD's because she said it was far less hassle.

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