Thursday, 26 March 2009

Veggie Plot Design Number - I've lost count

Starting to mark out the beds in our veggie plot didn't get finished last week for two reasons.

The first was that Hairy Canine One got very confused as to why all these bits of string had suddenly materialised and were RIGHT IN HIS WAY. The second reason was that it took me about 10 minutes to realise the plan Was Not Going To Work.

I said that even in a garden as big as Beg End some compromises would have to be made but once I'd measured out a 2 foot wide path on the ground it was obvious was a compromise I was not prepared to make. The 24" bed between the Nectar Bar and the beech hedge felt mean and nasty and I knew I'd never enjoy walking along it. That would mean I'd not use it and necessary weeding and tending would suffer.

Of course, it makes total sense to redesign the plot AFTER the wood has been ordered . . .

An enforced rest whilst I got over some silly bug gave time for much more Blue Peter-style messing around with coloured pens and squared paper, but we're now back to this:

Finally dawned on me that I only need a protective hedge on two sides, one already exists (roadside Escallonia) and the other can be OUTSIDE the fence, not in the actual vegetable area. For the time being the conifers in the bed next to the driveway will provide shelter and when we're ready to rip them out I can put the beech hedge in.

A super conversation with Mrs Flummery confirmed that some of my construction ideas are not as balmy as I feared and a call from the wood place advises all the timber is due to be delivered Friday morning. Better get a hurry on and order the screws!


  1. I didn't say the ideas weren't barmy - I just said I'm barmy enough to do it that way too!

    You are really getting on with this project. Can't wait to see the nnext step!

  2. Should I be reassured by this Flummery?

    Fingers crossed the weather holds, have very ambitious plans for the next few days!


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