Monday, 30 March 2009

This is going to be a long, horrid, slog

What I REALLY wanted to do today was make a start on building the raised vegetable beds but it rained much of the night and was cold and blustery. Not good weather for carpentry, but dry enough for a bit more demolition and destruction.

We have three large cherry stumps to be removed from the front lawn and one of them is right in the way of the vegetable plans so it is the first to be targeted.

Digging around the roots was hard work and horrid. First, a thick almost impenetrable mass of thatch and build-up around the stump to get through, but once that was out of the way it was impossible to use the spade - the roots are so thick and close to the surface that all excavation had to be done with a hand trowel. Slow, hard work on wet clay soil.

This took 2 hours and wasn't pleasant at all. I'd really like to make significant progress on this so that when Management is available at the weekend we stand half a chance of removing the blasted thing. We may have nice high pressure forecast for most of this week but at present I wouldn't bet on my chances of getting as much done as I would like.

After, hole is about 4 foot wide and not nearly deep enough

Perhaps I'll just go "s*d it" and do the vegetable beds instead {grin}


  1. Stick wth it. Think how satisfying it will be when it is pulled out and not there to bug you anymore.

    Even better when it gets burnt, be that bonfire or log on house fire you'll get to enjoy getting rid of it all over again.

  2. Hi found your blog at the weekend on GYO forum. Blimey you have worked hard at all this.

    Do you know anyone with a tractor? See point 8.

    Btw when you are done and feeling bored I need a hand with my garden! :-)

  3. Hi Angela, you're right, it will be immensely satisfying when I've got this b*gger out - it has no chance, it's now personal and I'll get the damn thing one way or another, even if it does try to fight back in the meantime.

  4. Hi Janette, good to 'meet' you. Thanks VERY much for that link, I'm going to print it and slope off to the TV to digest it and plan my campaign of attack.

    I'd love to help with your garden - do you mind waiting about ten years? I think it will be that long before Bag End is under control!

  5. Strewth, Bilbo - what a job!! Shame that you couldn't have tied the stump to the crane of that delivery lorry on Saturday ...

  6. On the plus side, that will be a good sized area that you won't now have to dig over for the veg bed :o)

  7. Hazel - drat - that was a missed opportunity, wasn't it?

    SewAli, bless you for looking on the bright side but I'd rather dig the border over (or use the Mantis) than extract this thing!

    Now you see why we're planning on leaving as many as possible to rot down naturally (in the interests of creating a more varied wildlife habitat, hah hah hah!)

    Janette - read through your link now, still laughing. I'd like to go straight to Step 9 please, and definitely nowhere near step 6!

  8. We got the last and most intractable (ha-har!) of our ancient shrubbery stumps out with a tractor. Our friend at the farm at the other end of the village came and hauled it out. Propper job! Good luck there chuck!

  9. Hi Flum, at present it would be impossible to get a tractor in here so we're hoping for the second best thing - if it doesn't rain we're asking Neil (him of the bulging muscles and multi-wheelbarrow loads) to come and help us out at the weekend.

  10. Oh Bilbo - what big stumps you have! I hope the roots are not as long as those on the cherry we removed from my daughters front garden (she was trying to get a garage built where it grew) - the builder got a crane to pull it out in the end!

  11. Dear Granny, a crane is looking like a very attractive proposition!


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