Sunday, 15 March 2009

Great Minds Think Alike!

Plot Design Number One Hundred and Eleventy Seven

In the long dark reaches of the night, or sometime after midnight when I couldn't sleep, I got to this:

Even in a garden as large as Bag End compromises have to be made. By reducing the footpaths either side of the Nectar Bar down to 2 feet I can fit in 8 beds and keep 3 foot wide paths between them. This orientation also makes sense because I will (should) be working with the slope rather than fighting it to get the long sides level.

Imagine the surprise when I received a message from Hazel this morning with the following attachment:

I LOVE synchronicity like this, there's no such thing as co-incidence, just things that are MEANT to be. Thanks Hazel, you're a star!

Think I am going to get a nasty shock when I ask Patersons how much all this wood is going to cost . . .


  1. Should I be worried that I am thinking in a hobbit-like manner, I wonder...?

  2. Well done! I like the more beds, fewer corners idea! Sorry I haven't made many suggestions myself - as you'll see from the chicken blog I've been a touch pre-occupied!

  3. Silly girl, I know you've been busy (and occasionally poorly), and you did make a suggestion - something along the lines of "go for four huge beds and let the plants provide the aesthetics", which is a valid option {smile}


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