Saturday, 14 February 2009

A wonderful weekend. Saturday 7th - Sunday 8th

With no computer to distract me (giggle) and clear, bright, frosty days, what else should a Hobbit do but get on with clearing up those damn logs?

The pile in the foreground and the huge pile at the back were moved, bit by bit. I didn't do it all - Husband provided much muscle and assistance. When we built that huge pile it was a good idea, we were not going to do anything in that corner of the garden for a while, trouble is, plans change and with John due at the end of the month to fell the remaining Leylandii, it all had to be cleared away.

When I wasn't moving big logs, I raked debris and twigs and pulled ivy root, and also cleared up three small piles of thin logs which had been dumped by the fence for far too long.

By the standards employed by normal gardeners this still looks a complete mess but given the debris we've lived with for the past year, I was extremely pleased to get this far!

Not many pictures because I was too busy working but Management thought it would be funny to capture the final scene before we came in on Sunday afternoon. Nearly all the logs are moved and piles of brush were ready for a night-time bonfire (there was absolutely no wind and we thought that all the neighbours would have the sense to be indoors with their windows closed!). It wasn't cold working in the snow but peaceful - and great fun.

By our (usual) standards, a very small and quick bonfire. Great fun to be standing with snow gently falling, a bottle of cold beer in hand, next to a very hot fire (and we were still inside and eating supper by 8.00pm).


  1. Wow you really have thinned out the trees compared to when i was there. you can see all sorts of things like roads and neighbours houses.

  2. Every day's labour in the garden moves you closer to your goals, it looks like you achieved a huge amount. As Angela says, you can see things now!

  3. Thanks girls, if you think this is opened up, wait until you see the next lot of photos!

    Unfortunately, whilst we can see out a great deal, it does mean everyone else can see in and the garden now sometimes feels a little open and 'goldfish bowl-like'. This won't last forever, the end to tree felling is in sight and once all the debris is cleared away we can start thinking about preparing soil and PUTTING IN NEW PLANTS. Whooppeee.


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