Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Strangely Liberating

Or, as Mrs Flummery put it - Hasta La Vista, baby!

By Wednesday of last week I couldn't stand Vista any longer, I tried, honestly I did, but it was never going to be a happy relationship! In the process of downgrading the OS to XP Professional I ran into a driver issue that was going to take me way too long to fix so I took the decision to give the system unit to a small local company and have them wipe everything and start again giving me a lovely vanilla installation with no unwanted bits of Vista lurking about in the background.

WestCom were very speedy, professional, ridiculously well priced and definitely my first stop for all computer matters in future.
I could have collected the computer at 10.30 on Monday morning .. . . except that in usual Bag End style the week did not start the way it was planned and I have been a tad busy the last couple of days, more on that later.

What was really weird was me, the computer junkie, being delighted not to get online for nearly a week - I relaxed in the evenings, read some books and magazines, didn't miss email. I could have dug out an old laptop and gone online with that but just couldn't be bothered.


  1. Thank you Angela! In truth, I missed being online too but not having the 21st century pressure of "must answer my emails . . . bla bla bla" for a few days was rather nice.

    Of course, now I'm back, the backlog in my Inbox is even bigger than usual.


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