Monday, 23 February 2009

The Post-Felling Clear-up Begins

Oh boy are we out of practise. Clearing up the Coppice area on Saturday left us both way, way more tired than we expected so Sunday has been a little bit more sedate.

Husband concentrated on the large log piles. The longest one got in a mess during the felling when people were trying to be helpful by adding logs to it but it wasn't built to Management's standards so there's been a lot of reorganisation to make best use of the space. He's also been adding to the Log Store which is starting to look rather good!

Despite saying I wasn't going to run the chainsaw today, I took down the three remaining cherry trunks that had been sticking out of the front lawn for the best part of a year, and cleared rubbish out of the Coppice.

Not bad, given that on Saturday morning this whole area was covered in fallen Sycamore and dumped Leylandii branches.

The Cotoneaster we coppiced last year has put on loads of new growth. The sycamore stump will need to be killed off before it regrows and does more damage to the old wall, sadly, we might have to lose the Hawthorn next to it as well.

An early afternoon finish, soak in the bath, relatively early dinner and then back outside when dark. No wind so an ideal time to have a small bonfire and get rid of the brush that we tidied up yesterday. Hmm, about that "no wind" thing. There was no wind until 5 minutes after I lit a small pile of twigs and then a gentle breeze turned up to take all the smoke directly towards our neighbours. Sadly, good relations with neighbours (and perhaps a rare dose of common sense) prevailed; I stamped out the small fire, packed up and came indoors. Hmmph.

And finally, not for the squeamish. I found this on the ground underneath where the Sparrowhawk was photographed on Friday, there is very little left of this Wood Pigeon. Ten minutes later husband called out "did you see the Sparrowhawk fly through just now". As I was putting tools away in the garage the answer was no. There followed a very confused conversation as I told him about the carcass under a pile of brush - confused because it had gone so he couldn't see what I was talking about and I was accused of some sort of birding hallucination until we realised what had happened!


  1. Those log piles will keep you warm (again) for ages! It must feel like having a cupboard full of jam and chutney?

  2. You're going to feel so victorious as you burn your way through that wood pile, your final revenge on the awful leylandii!!


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