Sunday, 22 February 2009

Post Apocalypse Pictures

Well, here it is - evidence of our insanity. Just when we got the mess cleared up, we created more of it!

I guess dropping 48 monster Leylandii in one year is quite an achievement (and certainly the neighbours seem to think so) but it continues to frustrate the h*ll out of me that the garden constantly looks such a mess.

I know I'm only feeling like this because I am tired. We now have much more light reaching areas that have been in shade for years and as soon as the remainder of the logs and brush are moved we can think about digging around the perimeter in readiness for hedges. I have lined up the son of a friend who will come and do some labouring - his first task will to move logs, lots of them, hopefully next weekend.


  1. One more step!

    You'll soon have it looking good I know.

    I also know you want to disguise the windfarm but I actually find them very restful to look at. There's a new wind turbine in Hull and I could watch it all day! (Must get out more!)

  2. A definite case of déja vu. Didn't a whole load of us incinerate the wretched things last November?

  3. It must look so different now to when I saw it what seems like years ago but can't possibly be! So where is this new wind turbine in Hull then!!!


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