Saturday, 14 February 2009


I should know better than to make plans . . . sigh.

We went to bed Sunday night very pleased that, by our warped standards, the garden was tidy and there was very little to do for the next few days. I had the laundry up to date, the house relatively picked up, and Husband about to leave for a two-day business trip. What's a girl to do in these circumstances but quilt? I fell asleep visualising the quilting I was going to be doing all day Monday.

Which is why, at 07.55 on Monday morning, when I was padding about in dressing gown and slippers, only half way through the first cuppa, I really was not ready for John to phone and say "the weather is absolutely perfect, there is not a drop of wind and we might not get another window like this once the expected low arrives".

I'm starting to think the Universe really does not want me to be making quilts at present . . .

The calm before the storm. The only "gardening" I'd planned for this week was to finish raking up the twiglets and dumping them in the green bins for the Council to turn into compost.

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  1. Do we get to see the "after" as well? Or should I say "during" as you presumably now have a garden full of horizontal leilandii again!


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