Saturday, 28 February 2009

The Novelty Has Worn Off

I didn't really feel like working in the garden on Wednesday but had no choice. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and once again, we've "set ourselves up" by arranging for Neil to work with us on Saturday. Weather permitting he will spend all day hauling logs from one part of the garden to another.

In order to make this possible, I had to clear a route through to the first pile that needs shifting and that meant I had to cut up a tree . . . like you do on a sunny February afternoon.

The mess I started with.

It's taken 11 months but the novelty of being a Chainsaw Diva has definitely worn off! I like using the saw, I really do, there is a tremendous feeling of satisfaction as a newly sharpened chain slices almost effortlessly through large bits of timber but either I am out of shape since last Autumn or it is getting harder.

Thankfully, Husband was able to stop work at 5.30 and we put in another hour as the light faded.

The "mess" we ended up with, and the huge log pile is revealed.

The right-hand tree, and brush piled up next to the fence to get it out of the way.

More brush . . .

The back side of that huge log pile

Fingers crossed for dry weather on Saturday.

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  1. No chance of me pitching my little tent on your garden then?

    You sure know how to make a mess. Not sure which is the greater mess your garden or son's bedroom floor. Either way you'll have the garden tidy long before he gets to see his bedroom floor again on Christmas Eve.


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