Wednesday, 4 February 2009

I already like February much more than January!

Sunday, 1st February.

The good weather continued, it wasn't as cold as Saturday and despite a later than planned start we were able to finish cutting up the tree trunks - that's 7 trees dealt with in one weekend!
Good to look back and see how much we achieved yesterday. No idea what I did to get the sky looking like this - don't remember it being so dramatic!

Didn't take much to finish the last big trunk from yesterday -

With a very determined Hobbit behind the chainsaw, this trunk lasted about 15 minutes!

And here's something you will not see very often:

In order to get at some of the trunks I had the (daft) idea of cutting up a load of smaller branches and moving the logs directly to the store, rather than just moving big bits. This was a great idea (not), 3½ barrow loads later blue smoke was seen escaping from the motor of the mitre saw - oh dear, killed another power tool!

Yes, it's still an unholy mess and at times like this I wonder how many years it might be before this looks more like a real garden and less like a forestry site, BUT, we no longer have tree trunks littering the place, we made a small start on moving the wood and the log store has a bit more in it.

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  1. I've just read through your Blog. What a wonderful place to live and enjoy Mother Nature :) Well done on your progress and I do hope the Red Squirrels stay a long long time (and maybe have babies?)


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