Thursday, 19 February 2009

Fangorn Forest No More

The final felling - two perfect February days with absolutely no wind, no rain, minimal cloud. The ground continued to be fairly disgusting underfoot and five or six pairs of large boots clomping around for two days hasn't helped the muddy areas.

What can one say except for chainsaws, chainsaws and more chainsaws:

Three large trees from the side are already down and being limbed and logged as we go. Last night's bonfire is trying very hard to restart itself and the colour is off in all the pictures 'cos idiot here had changed the White Balance for some reason and not put it back to Auto.

There is always a risk that no matter how careful you are with ropes, cutting out wedges and so on, a tree might fall the wrong way and in the case of these monsters, the wrong way would be onto a road. I spent much of Monday standing in the lane ready to stop anyone who might be coming past at just the wrong moment.

This is a series of photos turned into a movie (new camera may be super-clever but it doesn't have a video setting!)

When professionals do it, tree trunks get cut up an awful lot faster than is the norm at Bag End.

Monday saw us get rid of 7 Leylandii along the side fence, three from the coppice area plus a self-sown Sycamore that was far too close to the wall and would have caused structural problems at some point in the future, plus the final big Leylandii between us and the nearest neighbour.

That just left four Leylandii to be dealt with on Tuesday - great big huge things that were very close to the house and surrounded by other trees we wanted to keep. The only way was to take them down bit by bit and that is very slow, tiring work.

Yes, Tim does know what he is doing, yes he is on a harness, (so is the chainsaw) and no, I did not accept his offer to let me take over if I wanted . . .

Now all that remains (ha ha) is more clearing up. Tomorrow's task - get out and take some "after" photos.


  1. Looking forward to the After photos Bilbo. I expect it's much lighter too.
    What are you intending to replace them with?

  2. Hi Flum yes, oodles more light. We can now see the sunset out west which is lovely.

    Future planting will be of the rowan / silver birch genre, with a few apple trees for good measure. I can envisage willow being put in along the side fence because they'll give height quickly and I have a feeling if the extremely tall hedge in the next field is ever trimmed we might get a view of the Workington wind turbines. Would rather not see them!


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