Friday, 27 February 2009

Another new toy

but this one is His, not Hers!

Most of our remaining trees need pruning, TLC and a lot of attention to try and get them back into shape. It is not possible to get a ladder to many of the thin limbs (and even we are not daft enough to try and use a chainsaw up a ladder) so Husband persuaded me we needed this.

It is the longest, largest, dedicated Pole Pruner that Husqvarna could supply, and it's a lovely bit of kit with a 12" chainsaw bar on the end of a small motor. It works beautifully - investing in the right tool for the job makes life much simpler, however, when you are small Hobbit-sized it is a PIG to use because of the way it is balanced and will, in the main, be "his" toy, not "hers". I foresee significant marital discord in the future as I indicate with a long bamboo cane exactly where I want a cut made and he makes it somewhere else . . .

Unfortunately it took longer to arrive that we would have liked and it is nearly too late in the year to do some of the pruning. We've made a small start on the Magnolia but in truth we're going to miss the main window of opportunity for this year because of all the other stuff that needs to be done first.


  1. Maritl discord, surely not. I though Hobbits were peaceful creatures.

  2. hmmph, snort, giggle!

    We're peaceful until riled!!!

  3. Uh oh, you might have started something here, I can hear a little voice in the conservatory saying "we need one of those" ...

    We've (that's the royal we!) been chainsawing as well today, the actual cutting bit's quick, it's moving all the wood around afterwards that takes the time and energy. I can see why clearing up your felled trees takes so long. We've got a few substantial branches which have come off the oak tree - we hardly made a dent in them despite a morning's work.

  4. If I had the spare time (me, spare time? not in the same universe!!) I'd offer my services and come bearing intersting items from the Husqvarna catalogue.

    In the real world I'll just sympathise with you and your lumberjack and yes, cutting the damn stuff up is the quick/easy bit, it's all the subsequent moving that takes ages!


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